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  • Rossa Nano One
  • Rossa Nano Blue
  • Rossa Nano Black Charcoal
  • Rossa Nano Silver


  • Rossa Super Slim Change
  • Rossa Super Slim Black Charcoal
  • Rossa Super Slim Blue
  • Rossa Super Slim Apple
  • Rossa Super Slim Cherry
  • Rossa Super Slim Chocolate
  • Rossa Super Slim Gum Mint
  • Rossa Super Slim Lemon Mint
  • Rossa Super Slim Mint
  • Rossa Super Slim Silver
  • Rossa Super Slim Strawberry


  • Rossa King Size Blue
  • Rossa King Size Silver



  • Senator Super Slim Blue
  • Senator Super Slim Black
  • Senator Super Slim Silver


  • Senator King Size
  • Senator King Size Red
  • Senator King Size Ultra
  • Senator King Size Ultra



  • Vigor King Size Charcoal Filter
  • Vigor King Size Light



Since 1996 the owners of this Company were in the field of Cigarettes so they gained over with their expertise to establish their own business in a developed and successful way, so on 2009 the dream came true as the plan was in the process of executing to establish the East Ray Trading L.L.C. Company in SHARJAH / UAE after a long time were spent in the studies of starting such business dealing with Cigarettes.

The business has run in UAE as this country became one of the biggest country in trading and industry for the last years, so the production of several brands of Cigarettes have had done and the line of marketing went successfully through many of the countries to the present time such as in Middle east, north of Africa, central of Asia, and Europe.

The head office in UAE has the manufacturing contracts with Cigarette factories in UAE to produce our brand in order to distribute and serve the countries of Middle East and North Africa.

We are the owner of several popular brands of cigarette such as Rossa, we have the key line to produce these brands with an attractive packaging, excellent blend of tobacco, as well as well known perception of effective filtration by the end it shows the highest quality standards at the most competitive price and the reason that we only use the best quality raw materials and packaging in the manufacturing process.

All of our products are manufactured with the highest quality supported by the original equipments specification and high proven industry technology to serve our clients.

After all the huge efforts which the owners did to establish East Ray Trading Company in UAE , they went further more and they established a branch in Khujand / Republic of Tajikistan as the place of the factory for manufacturing Cigarettes in area of 4,000 Sq. Mtr. They chose a professional staff were they have had the experience in such business for a long period. All machineries are of well known brands which gave the best performances. We have had the best sources of suppliers of the raw materials in the global . Also in addition to the mission of the factory they had have their responsibility to distribute and serve the finish good all over the countries of Middle Asia.

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